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About Atlantik Sh.a

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Our Insurance Company, ATLANTIK, operates in the field of non-life insurance for insurance classes with Authorization No. 5 dated 04.13.2001, of the Insurance Supervisory Commission - AMF.

ATLANTIK Insurance Company is the third private company in the insurance market in the country, founded in June 2001 with sole shareholder Mr. Dritan Celaj who owns 100% of the shares.

The body with the right to evaluate the implementation of policies and monitor the compliance with the laws and acts of the company is the Supervisory Council, currently consisting of 3 members, headed by Mr. Luan Bregasi. The daily activities of the company are managed by the General Director Mr. Dritan Celaj.

"Your insurance powerhouse" is not just a motto, but a mission that we fulfill every day, for everyone who puts their faith in our company. We take our time to patiently explain the importance of prevention and how health and property insurance is a valuable investment in times of difficulty. 

Since 2001, present in Albania with the single brand ATLANTIK, with 14 branches spread from north to south and with a team of 120 employees, we have provided our customers with insurance products that stand out from the rest. Thanks to the specialized service of our staff of employees and our insurance brokers that can be found anywhere in Albania, we've been able to assist our customers and fulfill their requirements as best as possible.

We are committed to helping people build a more secure future by taking care of their lives and dreams. We want to be a life partner for our clients, present in all their milestones when it comes to their family, well-being, work and mobility.

Know that you're safe in every step of the way


With over 700,000 satisfied customers, Atlantik offers security and quality services, becoming a symbol of responsibility and safety for everyone who chooses us.


Our insurance policies, designed with the utmost care, have covered damages of more than 43 million euros, guaranteeing the protection of our clients' rights.


With 15 branches throughout the whole territory of Albania, we support our customers by guaranteeing reliability, security and immediate assistance at any time.

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Atlantik's team, with more than 150 employees, works with dedication and devotion to guarantee the highest service standards in the insurance market. 

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An insurance company that can guarantee your safety


"Hello! I choose Atlantic for my business insurance and now I have full coverage for my investment. Everything was done without any bureaucracies! Ever since the earthquake, I feel calm and secure knowing that if anything happens to my Business, I will receive proper treatment and the right compensation on time."

Gentian Hoxha

Hello, thank you for contacting us. If you want to insure your apartment, we invite you to go to our website to calculate the premium that you have to pay, understand the importance of this type of insurance, its general conditions and the documents that will be required if you agree to proceed with this insurance plan.

Atlantik offers Casco insurance for your vehicle. The premium for this insurance varies depending on the specifications of the vehicle, the insured amount, the coverages chosen by the customer and the duration of the insurance contract. Contact us and one of our experts will provide you with further detailed information.

Health insurance covers various medical expenses such as preventive treatments (medical visits, tests, magnetic scans), medical expenses for the treatment of different diseases, expenses for care during pregnancy and childbirth, etc. One of our specialists can further inform you on the specific coverages that our health insurance policies offer.

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