Atlantik Sha: Bank Activity Insurance Company in Albania

Banks are among the safest institutions in the world. But even with constant vigilance, things can go wrong. The financial consequences of giving the wrong advice or offering the wrong financial product can be even greater. This can even jeopardize your company's survival.

Bank insurance provides you with coverage in case something goes wrong. Our bank activity insurance company will consider which operational risks apply to your company and how they can be covered.

What types of bank activity insurance policies do we offer?

We understand that money is a sensitive commodity, which is why we take great pride in offering bank activity insurance to keep your finances safe. We provide insurance plans which protect you against damages caused by employees’ fraudulent actions, counterfeit checks or counterfeit currency. We also offer policies that compensate for damages caused by theft or transportation. We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive carefully designed protection solutions that address their specific needs and enhance their financial security.

Fraud Insurance

Banks have high operational risk. Problems can arise from dishonest employees. We want to protect ourselves from these risks as much as possible. 

Our fraud insurance policies cover any financial damages resulting from fraud committed by employees, forgery and computer fraud. In case a client defrauds the bank, this will still be indemnified. Moreover, we provide insurance against counterfeit checks or counterfeit currency. By investing in a comprehensive insurance policy you will rest assured that your banking business is thoroughly protected against all kinds of risks as a result of fraud. Our experts will guide you through a variety of policies to address your financial institutions’ needs and concerns.

Cash Money Insurance

This type of insurance policy provides coverage for all damages due to violent actions by external forces such as burglary, theft, mysterious disappearance, etc. Investing in a good insurance plan will eliminate all the potential risks of robbery or other detrimental factors. Our bank activity insurance company also provides our clients with insurance against office damages as a content from theft or robbery (except computers and peripheral equipment). Our professionals will work with you to perform a thorough analysis of your company's operational risks and provide effective and innovative solutions for your banking activities to run smoothly.

Cash in travel

A crucial step of your bank’s operating activities is the transportation of money. Our cash in travel insurance plan guarantees protection against damages that may occur during transportation. By investing in a good insurance plan, you will ensure that your banking business evolves safely and steadily. Our team of professionals will assist you in choosing the best policy fit for your needs.

Why choose Atlantik Sha as your bank activity insurance company?

Thanks to our many years of experience and professional expertise we are one of the leading bank activity insurance companies in Albania. We provide our clients with up to date insurance plans, successfully guaranteeing their financial security. We understand the complexity of the different risks that banking institutions are exposed to. Our team of professionals is specialized in identifying these risks and in designing carefully thought solutions to address these problems. Moreover, our exceptional customer support teams will make sure to assist you in every step of the way. We take care to inform our clients of the risks and our risk management strategies, so that our communication is efficient and transparent. Our bank activity insurance company takes pride in our staff’s ability to work with commitment and integrity in order to provide high quality and reliable insurance services. We value the trust that our clients put in us, so we make sure to guarantee them optimal security.

Why choose Atlanik Sha?

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