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Atlantik Sha: Liability Insurance for boats

When planning a day on the water, accidents might happen, and without boat insurance, you could end up paying out of your own pocket for damage caused by a boat or watercraft accident.

If you think about it, the financial loss from a boat accident goes beyond the cost of repairing or replacing your own boat. You should also consider the potential costs of compensating for damage to someone else's property and the medical costs you may incur if a person is injured. Boat liability insurance, a common form of boat insurance, can help cover these types of costs.

What is liability insurance for boats?

If your boat damages someone else's property, such as another boat, or someone is injured in an accident, your liability insurance will cover the damage. It can also cover problems that your watercraft have caused others. Liability insurance also covers attorney fees if you are sued in matters covered by the policy, such as ship accidents.

What does boat liability insurance cover?

Boat liability insurance typically contains two types of coverage:

  • Vessel Liability Insurance: This helps protect against out-of-pocket medical and other related costs (such as loss of income) if someone is injured in a boat or watercraft accident.
  • Watercraft Property Damage Insurance: This helps cover the cost of repairing or replacing someone else's boat or property if an accident involving your own boat damages it. This type of coverage is typically effective after a collision, but is useful in other scenarios as well. For example, if you accidentally spill fuel and damage someone else's property, boat liability insurance can help cover cleanup costs. Liability insurance can also help fund wreck removal if a boating accident covered by the insurance requires the watercraft to be lifted, removed or towed out of the water.


It is important to note that boat liability insurance does not cover medical expenses or boat repairs after an accident. It is recommended that you consider health insurance and/or boat property insurance to cover your own expenses in the event of a boating accident.

How much boat liability coverage do I need?

Like all insurance coverage, marine liability insurance has a limit that represents the maximum amount an insurer will pay for a covered claim. Consider the following points when choosing a boat liability coverage limit:


  • If you have a boating accident and injure someone, can you afford to pay for that person's medical bills out of your own pocket?
  • If you accidentally damage someone else's boat or other property with your own boat, can you afford the repair costs?

Why should you choose Atlantik Sha’s liability insurance for boats?

As one of Albania's leading insurance service providers, we offer a wide range of coverage options, world-class customer support, and affordable plans that can be tailored to your needs. We recognize the importance of providing quality service. That is why we use our expertise to help you manage risks and face challenges of all kinds. We pride ourselves on our ability to successfully complete every project with dedication, integrity and transparency, so you can rest assured that our excellent customer support team will answer all your questions and assist you in choosing the best liability insurance for boats.

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