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Atlantik Sha: Public Transport Passenger Insurance

Public transport passenger insurance is compulsory insurance that compensates for injuries sustained while commuting in the event of permanent disability or death due to a traffic accident. This policy is in effect while the passenger is in the vehicle or while getting in and out of it. Read on to learn more about public transport passenger insurance provided by Atlantik Sha, one of the leading insurance companies in Albania.

Whom is public transport passenger insurance intended for?

The subject of insurance are the passengers in public transport vehicles such as:

  • Railway vehicles
  • Buses
  • Аircrafts
  • Аll types of vessels
  • Cable lines and ski tows
  • Taxi vehicles


What does public transport passenger insurance cover?

The following risks are covered: death and permanent disability resulting from a traffic accident.

  • Death of the insured due to an accident: The sum insured will be paid out to the legal heirs.
  • Disability due to an accident: The insured will be paid out a percentage of the sum insured, equaling the percentage of permanent disability, as determined by the competent institutions or committees.

How does public transport passenger insurance work?

Companies have the legal obligation to contract the public transport passenger insurance in case of bodily injuries caused to the passengers during the journey. If the driver is not responsible for the accident under the insurance contract, the transport company is still responsible for covering the damage done to its passengers.

Public transport passenger insurance covers personal injury resulting from impacts, rollovers, collisions, breakages, explosions, arson, highway exits, external impacts and other malfunctions that seriously affect the vehicle. Passengers are entitled to compensation if, as a result of an accident, the following happens:

  • death
  • permanent incapacity to work
  • serious injuries causing any inconvenience to work for a considerable period of time
  • all cases when medical assistance is necessary


Passenger obligations

Pay attention to all information contained in panels or brochures provided by the company, and to the instructions and recommendations of its staff. Take care of your ticket until you finish your journey. Respect the preventive measures adopted for your security and comfort.

The passenger has a right to complain if the company does not comply with the terms of the contract. The company must have customer complaint forms available upon request of the passengers inside the bus (in case of regular public transport) or train if there were employees apart from the driver.

Why choose Atlantik Sha as your public transport passenger insurance company?

Atlantik Sha, as a leading insurance company in Albania, delivers comprehensive insurance plans at competitive prices. We understand the risks involved when handling public transport and we value the safety of your passengers, therefore we count on our expertise and many years of experience to provide you with consistent quality services and exceptional customer care. So, if you’re looking for reliable public transport passenger insurance, Atlantik Sha will make sure to provide the support and financial assistance needed to handle all issues in times of difficulty.

Why choose Atlanik Sha?

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