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If you’ve ever heard of businesses losing money due to property being lost or damaged while in transit, then you’ll know investing in a good marine insurance policy is a must. Atlantik Sha is one of the largest marine insurance companies in Albania. We combine many years of technical experience, market-leading financial strength and in-depth expertise to successfully accommodate our clients and provide them with quality insurance services.

What types of marine insurance do we offer?

Whether you’re looking for an all risk coverage cargo insurance, marine hull and liability insurance or a third party liability vessels insurance, we’ve got you covered. Our marine insurance company offers a variety of highly-customizable products and innovative solutions for all kinds of insurance needs. We have designed a wide range of comprehensive insurance policies, so that our clients can choose what best serves them and the growth of their business.

TPL Marine Insurance

This kind of insurance policy provides compensation for the liability on the insured caused by loss of or damages to the property of a third party during sailing. Our team has designed advanced and quick solutions to provide comprehensive coverage for our clients’ goods during transport. We provide TPL marine insurance plans for importers & exporters, manufacturers, trading companies etc. In addition, we offer coverage extensions in order to accommodate any extra requirements that our clients may have. Our team of professionals will inform you of all the possible alternatives and they will assist you in choosing an insurance policy that perfectly fits your needs.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Our marine cargo insurance plans cover the loss or damage of goods while in transit. You can choose to purchase an all-risk cargo insurance policy, which is the broadest form of shipping insurance, covering any physical loss/damage from any external cause. Any exclusions that are not covered by the all-risk policy will be listed and can be added to the policy as a separate clause. When considering whether to invest in a marine cargo insurance plan, keep in mind that there is always a chance that a ship will sink or some other catastrophe will occur. Without a cargo insurance policy, this could result in a tremendous financial loss for your business. That’s why we are committed to offering efficient and affordable insurance plans for all of our clients.

Marine Liability Insurance

For companies operating in marine activities and those working in the marine industry, our insurance plans offer marine liability cover for primary and excess liability as well as speciality liability products.

Marine liability insurance plans offer great alternatives for businesses which face risks in the marine and international shipping sectors. Our experts understand these risks and so, they have prepared comprehensible plans using optimized risk management strategies.

Why choose Atlantik Sha as your marine insurance company?

As one of the leading providers of marine insurance services in Albania, we provide a variety of coverage options, top-notch customer support, and affordable plans that can be tailored to meet your needs. We realize the importance of delivering quality services, thus we utilize our marine risk engineering expertise to help you manage exposures, mitigate risk and face all types of challenges. As a leader in providing professional expertise and service, we take pride in our ability to successfully complete all projects with dedication, integrity and transparency. Our exceptional customer support teams will assist you in answering all your questions, so that you proceed forward feeling secure. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient marine insurance company, you can count on us to safely guide you through your business journey.

Why choose Atlanik Sha?

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