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Sigurimi i mjeteve motorrike.

If you are looking for a motor vehicle insurance company in Albania, Atlantik Sha offers various insurance options tailored to your needs. With a specialized team and many years of experience in the insurance market, we guarantee quality service and optimized risk management.

What motor vehicle insurance plans do we offer?

Starting from third party liability insurance inside and outside the territory of Albania, up to the coverage of damage as a result of the use of motor vehicles with foreign license plates within our country, we offer you the best alternatives for motor vehicle insurance designed according to your needs and concerns.

Casco insurance

This insurance plan covers damages caused to your vehicle as a result of the following risks:

  •  accidental collision with another vehicle or object,
  •  overturning or other objects falling on your motor vehicle,
  •  combustion or explosion,
  •  partial or total theft of the motor vehicle,
  •  breaking windows,
  •  natural disasters such as;
  •  earthquakes,
  •  storms,
  •  landslide or floods,
  • snow or hail, as well as
  • damage to a parked vehicle caused by an unidentified vehicle.
Nje foto qe ka si informacion sigurimin nga zjarret dhe rreziqet shtese.

Who doesn't benefit from this insurance contract:
a) the driver of the vehicle, when they've caused the accident, including their legal heirs, for property and non-property damages caused by this accident;
b) the owner, co-owner and every passenger who is voluntarily in the motor vehicle causing the accident, driven by an unauthorized driver, when proven that the passenger was aware of these circumstances;
c) any passenger who is voluntarily in an uninsured vehicle, which is the cause of the accident, when the bureau proves that the passenger was aware of these circumstances;
d) anyone who has acquired the motor vehicle in an illegal manner and who was damaged during the use of this vehicle;
e) anyone damaged in the following cases:
f) due to the use of a vehicle in sports events on roads or parts of roads not allowed for driving to reach moderately high speeds or for training for competitions;
g) due to the consequences of nuclear energy during the transport of radioactive materials;
h) due to acts of war, revolts or terrorist acts, provided that the insurance company proves that the damage was caused by such events;
i) the driver does not use the vehicle in accordance with the purpose for which it is intended to be used;
j) the driver does not have a valid driving license, according to the category or type of the vehicle, except in the case of use during driving lessons, when it is driven by the driving candidate, according to all the rules specified for the learning process;
k) the driver of the motor vehicle has had his driving license confiscated, has been prohibited from driving that type and category of the vehicle or he has been prohibited from using a driving license issued by another country for the territory of the Republic of Albania;
l) the person has been driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, over the permitted limits, or under the influence of narcotic or psychoactive substances;
m) the driver causes the damage intentionally;
n) the accident occurs due to significant technical defects of the vehicle when the driver was aware of these circumstances;

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